3 Weeks of My Degree Journey.

Heyyyy I iz back. Saje nak update on what I've been doing during these past few days or maybe weeks. I haven't wrote a post for a while so I just thought ayuhlah kita buat hentam update semua benda in one long post. Rasa cam gatal nak update blog tu ada dan biasalah, procrastinate. I actually have accountancy homework that needs to be done but yolo haha.

I didn't mention that I FINALLY get into college for degree. New campus, new people, new faces, new environment, new vibes, new experiences but I hope I still keep the same old me but wiser and better. I've been doing nothing in the 4 months before I got into college tau so it was a bit thrilling and exciting to continue studying in the program that was not off the law track. There is something about law which is fascinating that could make me mesmerized whenever I leaned about it or more like a small part of it. True, I didn't get to pursue law degree cukup sampai asasi level and surprisingly my parents are glad that I didn't get into LLB and I know the reason why they were so relieved over this. Law field is quite challenging. From when you start studying law until you graduated and work in the law field, it will be one hell of a ride. Most of my friends are making an LLB and I just really hope they can do their best so I can congratulate them once they posted a pic of them after their longcalls on Instagram (secretly hope they will invite me to their special moments of longcalls at HC).

Okay I dapat itu kos sains pentadbiran. Not bad la marketing kos ni pon ok kot? If I were in LLB, whenever people asked me what course that I am taking, it would be easier to just say "oh saya tengah belajar law" (I got the chance to answer the question like that when I was in asasi and not anymoar) but since I'm taking science administrative, which always don't get the spotlight because people only know the names of professional courses so I have to explain to them about the course (dengan course structure sekali) that I am taking. Tengokla betapa tak femes kos itu but I'm just fine. It is actually cool.

So, it's somehow makes me feel quite excited (and warm inside) whenever I started to learn something new there. Well, I've been 'locked away' from any type of formal education for quite a long time that I am becoming thirsty to learn something new and digest all new information that I never heard before and foreign to me. It is fun.

I used to study law before and it is weird when all the things that I learned before only make sense now when I finally understand them like... completely. Looks like I didn't quite understand what did I learn back then when I was in asasi and now with some help and good explanation and example from my cool law lecturer, I able to understand all law concepts that I learned before. Amboi rasa cam bagi feedback buat sufo dan survey je. But it's true though.

Ok I always excited to go to my classes because yeah learn something new and stuff like that but there will be a few times that I just got nervous and scared to attend to some of my classes. Sebab kan, ada lecturer ni like psycho sikit or reverse psycho I don't know (lately I found out that reverse psycho is not working on me). I meant, we attend to class to learn not to get asked by some lecturer about something we have no idea about. Kalau tak jawab kan, the lecturer will keep staring at you. It is fine to ask for a thought or opinion but an exact and accurate answer??? For people who know nothing??? That's impossible!! THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO RANT ABOUT ACTUALLY AHAHAHAH I AM STRESSED OUT.

Oh there's another thing! I love maths ok I really do and the reason why I didn't put science mathematics as an option before in my UPU form before, because my dad didn't let me do it lol. Ok so I just got excited when I finally get to learn mathematics back. Yasss, my good old friend and I missed you so much. Tapi! Agak terkezut jugak when my maths lecturer didn't teach us like explaining one by one in details on whiteboard. Instead, kitorang belajar through slide notes ok. Slide notes. I guess since we are not in school anymore to get spoon-fed kan so, bear with it la. Need to work hard on it.

Moving on, let's talk about new friends.... I did make friends but I don't have a plan to find a group of people that I want to get attached to. I have talked to almost all of my classmates but I am not in the term of making friends for eternity. There's someone from my class told me that I always walk alone. Well, we are basically walking alone in this world lol. Tapi seriousla for the time being I just want to get well with each of my classmates just to know about them in general and better but not getting attached to them. I want to avoid dramas, heart breaks and tears while keeping a friendship. I just had enough. It is better to not gain more friends only to lose them in the end. Being alone and less drama sound nice. But let's see if I change my mind soon.
That's all that I wanted to rant about. Ada banyak lagi but hope I could pour all them thoughts in a form of writing later. Harap adala free time + kerajinan lagi. Yang baca sampai habis, thanks sebab sapot kan? Lelss. But still, hope you will have a nice day!